Core De Force MMA Workout Review

Written by Tim Mousel, M.S.

October 3, 2016

Having devoted the past 36 years immersing myself into martial arts, I'm pretty critical when it comes to martial arts based exercise videos. The majority of them are terrible for one reason or another. I just finished watching a pre-release sneak peak of Core De Force MMA Workout which is being released by Beachbody on November 1, 2016. Below are my thoughts on the workout.


There really wasn't much to dislike, however I'm going to be super picky on the two things I didn't like. Keep in mind, these two issues won't affect getting a great workout and they really are pretty minor. I'm looking at it from the point of view as if I were training my fighters. Here's how I'd change two movements I viewed:

1. In regards to the Jab. I don't like the rotation of the front foot. It's good for throwing a lead hook, but not a jab.
2. When reaching for the clinch, the movement is really exaggerated. I'd prefer to see a clinch performed with the reach one hand at a time and not so wide. Otherwise it leaves a large opening for the opponent to punch you in the nose.


1. A lot of video workouts have a stretching routine before the workout. Not this one and that's great! Stretching before a workout is a waste of time. Research shows pre-workout stretching does NOT prevent injuries or increase flexibility and it can actually decrease power output.
2. It had a good sport specific warmup.
3. There were a variety of combinations that kept the workout interesting.
4. Great presentation
5. Regression moves. For example, viewers that can't do moderate impact moves, low impact options were shown.
6. Realistic combinations with good technique other than what I've already mentioned


This is definitely going to be a big hit in the Beachbody exercise/fitness series. Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA are extremely fun to practice and offer an amazing workout. I strongly recommend Core De Force MMA Workout for anyone wishing to get a fun, yet effective workout.