This test was initially designed for the college course that I teach on Jeet Kune Do. Print this page, answer the questions and then check the answer key. Go ahead and take it...see if you can get that "A+"

Each question is worth 3.13 points (total 32*3.13=100)

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the BEST answer

1. When throwing the Thaiboxing round kick, contact is made with the:
A. heel B. shin C. outside blade of the foot D. arch of foot

2. Kali is a martial art with origins from:
A. Indonesia B. Thailand C. France D. Philippines

3. The most feared weapon of Muay Thai is the:
A. headbutt B. knee C. eyepoke D. footsweep

4. Head kicks:
A. should be done to impress your opponent B. are the most practical weapon to use at long range C. should be thrown in combinations of three or more D. are usually impractical

5. Jeet Kune Do was developed by:
A. Chai Sirisute B. Bruce Lee C. Dan Inosanto D. B & C

6. The "energy" felt while in engaged in trapping is:
A. a mystical life sustaining force B. static caused from the friction C. the force given against any attacking motion by the opponent D. lightning getting ready to strike

7. The key to improvement in the martial arts is:
A. learning a lot of techniques B. learning the "secrets" C. watching a lot of Bruce Lee movies D. practice and training

INSTRUCTIONS: Answer True (A) or False (B)

8. There are many secret techniques in the martial arts.

9. Kali is a martial art which trains only in weaponry (stick and dagger).

10. Thai-boxing is the best martial art.

11. An attacker can be rendered unconscious in six seconds from a choke.

12. Pak Sao means "jerking hand."

13. Jeet Kune Do is a style.

14. Biting, pinching, gouging, tearing, and ripping are considered dirty fighting and should not be used in a life or death situation.

15. To achieve the maximum amount of pain, hair should be pulled down rather than up.

16. A boxing jab is thrown with the front hand.

17. The solar plexus is a primary target.

18. Verbal defense, running, submission and fighting are the different options when confronted with an attack.

19. Savate is a French martial art known for its devastating grappling techniques.

20. The groin is considered a secondary target area.

21. Punching an attacker in the face is safer for your hand then using a palm strike.

22. Thai boxers are known worldwide for their awesome wrestling skills.

23. The four ranges of combat are kicking, knee, elbow and grappling.

24. Gouging the eye of an attacker should be avoided in a life or death situation.

25. Boxing and wrestling are just sports and are not useful in real self-defense situations.

*(1) 26.  In a self-defense situation, which style of martial arts is best?
A.  Jun Fan  B.  Kali/Eskrima  C.  Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling  D.   None, motivation, skill level and the situation decide most outcomes.

*(2) 27.  Kalaripayit is a martial art from:
A.  Thailand  B.  Indonesia  C.  India  D.  Burma

*(2) 28.   Mande Muda is a style composed of just kicking?  

*(2) 29.  Savateurs Kick primarily with the toe of their shoe?

*(2) 30.  What is the best weapon?
A.  Knife  B.  Staff  C.  Gun  D.  Depends on the situation

*(2) 31.  Largo Mano, Medio, and Cortio are different weapons in KALI?

*(2) 32.  Taky Kimura is the most senior instructor in Jun Fan Gung Fu?


*This question was sent in by reader:  (1) Charles D. Leonard (2) Mayagold

Check your answers with the answer key.