Focus Mitt Training for Mixed Martial Arts


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This information packed video contains drills and techniques that a total beginner or even the most advanced martial artist can add to their training.

Learn a variety of drills and techniques and how to train them on focus mitts to develop physical attributes such as muscular endurance, speed, timing, power, positioning as well as offensive and defensive skills.

Run time 45 minutes, your instructor is
Tim Mousel
. $39.95 (shipments outside the US incur an additional $15 shipping fee)

(DVD-R format. Check to see if your player is compatible.)

"Tim Mousel's DVD on Focus Glove Training for Mixed Martial Arts gives a good basic understanding of training with focus gloves."
          ----- DAN INOSANTO (Bruce Lee's Protoge)

"Excellent DVD! Very creative and filled with great drills and techniques. I've viewed it many times and highly recommend it to all martial artists who take their training seriously."
           ----- LARRY HARTSELL (Former student of Bruce Lee)

"Very innovative, using the mitts to practice hard striking in all the ranges. It was well-explained and well-demonstrated."
          ----- BURTON RICHARDSON (Top martial arts authority)

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Here are a few sample combinations from the video:

KB=Knee Block
SK=Switch Kick

1. Drop down and tackle support leg ankle – knee on belly – punch – armbar – hammerfist face
2. Grab kicking leg, wrap arm around waist, lift and slam shoulder into solar plexus, left hook to face, mount, punches, arm across face, punches, armbar
3. C-H-Sprawl-knee face-spin to back-legs in-H to head
4. L SK – J – U – bob & weave LH – clamp waist
     a. fold sideways – choke
     b. fold sideways – armbar
     c. lift and slam
     d. suplex

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