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  • New Martial Arts Business Website...


    I just joined and I just wanted to let everyone know that it's a great website. There is a lot of great information and the price is a bargain!

    Check it out:

    Tim Mousel

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    Hey isn't John Graden the one that started NAPMA? Is this a result of Century buying out NAPMA or is it a off shoot from NAPMA?


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      Martial Arts Teachers' Association

      The Martial Arts Teachers' Association is indeed my new organization and it is my best work. If you are a school owner or instructor, you will find MATA to be a great resource at about 1/4th the price of NAPMA.

      The Martial Arts Teachers' Association is totally independent and not affiliated with any Century owned company.


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        Mr. Graden wrote: "The Martial Arts Teachers Association is indeed my new organization and it is my best work". This is based on what? Your own self-promotion?

        Am I the only one that feels the Martial Arts have become to commercialized? With all of the Associations and Organizations?

        In these days of uncertain every dollar counts. Why pay someone for there slick ads and ideas? Be creative, use your own ideas, and do what works for your school. Be an independant thinker, who can be proud and say I did it my way.

        You can join any number of these organizations and still not have success as a school owner or teacher. Success is up the the individual, how much drive and determination he or she has to succeed. If you can't come up with a lesson plan or a solid business plan on your own you don't need to be in business. LG


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          LittleGuy, your response seems to contradict the very idea of a forum. The idea behind a public forum is to share ideas, to learn and grow, and to hopefully put to use new thoughts and ideas.

          I can't argue your point that more and more schools are "commercialized" but you never know when you might find something that a particular organization is suggesting that might work great.

          My question to you is, "Why limit your exposure to options?".

          Kumu Rick