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  • Electric scooter (kick scooter)

    We currently have 2 e-bikes and don't use them much as they're a pain to get down from the bike rack.

    Here are the pros and cons as far as I can see, without having owned an electric scooter before. I have done about 500 km on a non-electric kick scooter, mostly for doing errands from my house in London, not from a motorhome.

    1. Lighter: takes up less payload
    2. More compact: takes up less space, could fit in the garage or even behind the driver's seat
    3. You can fold them and carry on your shoulder (but not easily) without having to lock them up
    1. Shorter range than e-bikes. The Xiaomi M365 (a cheaper model than the Pro above) I've read an Amazon review that said the range drops to only 16 km after a few months of use. Though that's probably enough for our needs.
    2. Less power up hills. You might have to just walk up some hills, while my cheap e-bike can do practically any hill
    3. Less cargo capacity. Can only carry stuff in a backpack, while a bike can have pannier bags
    4. "Laws in the UK and Ireland ban them from pavements and roads - the only place they can be ridden is on private land, with the permission of the landowner." Not a problem for us as we're on the continent and have no plans to go to the UK.

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    Many people like to make a secure thing for the learning and giving out a basic thing which can be gone by electric things as you can prefer to to the cheap one with alot of benefits that could not be find anywhere in this era though


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      Have you got kids riding e-scooters? I'm wondering what scooter to pick for my 7yo son. I checked some reviews and I found this blog I know Razor is a good brand, thinking of getting one. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!