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Hiking skirts ... For men

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  • Hiking skirts ... For men

    Reading a blog recently - one of the hikers was talking about his use of mens hiking skirts. When he listed the advantages they seemed really interesting.

    I wonder if any men on the forum have used these (and I am conscious that a Kilt may fall into the category)

    With a SJPP start next week and the talk of 35 degrees heatwave - the idea seems attractive and somewhat cooler when walking...


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    It's intriguing to think about men's hiking skirts as a viable option for staying comfortable on the trails, especially in warm weather. The notion might raise eyebrows initially, but prioritizing comfort and functionality over traditional norms is what hiking is all about.

    With your SJPP start approaching and the potential heatwave, exploring alternative options like hiking skirts sounds like a smart move. While discussing womens hiking outfits might not be directly related, the idea of finding the perfect gear to stay cool and comfortable is universal.​