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Why and How: Adding Templates to a Video Editor

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  • Why and How: Adding Templates to a Video Editor

    Being creative is hard, but thinking of a fantastic idea is even more challenging. And once you've done that, the hardest part is expressing that idea in an attractive way.

    This, I think, is the very reason why templates are gaining popularity in text, image, audio, and video editing, and more. Of all these templates, video templates are probably the most in demand by users. This is because a video is a lengthy creation which may also require high costs. And therefore, it is much more convenient to create a video using a template, rather than from scratch — which is particularly true for video editing amateurs.

    The video template solution I have got for my app is a template capability of HMS Core Video Editor Kit. This capability comes preloaded with a library of templates that my users can use directly to quickly create a short video, make a vlog during their journey, create a product display video, generate a news video, and more.

    On top of this, this capability comes with a platform where I can manage the templates easily, like this.​

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    Streamlining the integration surely makes developers' lives easier. Your step-by-step breakdown of the development procedure is quite helpful.


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      You've highlighted a key aspect of creativity – turning ideas into attractive expressions. Templates are indeed a great way to simplify this process, especially in video editing. Your experience with HMS Core Video Editor Kit's template capability sounds fantastic! It's amazing how it allows users to quickly create engaging videos without the complexity of starting from scratch.

      Speaking of streamlining, when it comes to document creation, you might want to check out google docs templates. They can be a lifesaver in various contexts, much like the video templates you're working with. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences – it's always inspiring to see innovation in action!​