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Welcome to: How to make money, the guide!

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  • Welcome to: How to make money, the guide!

    Before we start with the guide, I'd like to clarify certain things: This guide is mainly aimed to those newbies, semi advanced and somewhat experienced players that are in desperate need of money to survive on PRO's economy. This guide is not really aimed at expert multimillionaire players. However, some of these players might appreciate some of the advice and make use of some of the guide I'll be writing down here. I'll be mentioning a LOT of options and brainstorming a lot of ideas for any player to use. (Also, I'll add a lot of humour into it :v) These are also REALISTIC things you can do, not impossible or overcomplicated stuff. They're basic and easy.

    Are you stuck in Kanto trying to get a bike but these pokeballs keep making you poor? Are you hardstuck on Sabrina and have completely lost faith on moving on? Are you trying to defeat Mewtwo but he keeps oneshotting your team and you have no idea how to farm money to buy potions because you didn't bother to spend 5 minutes to google that the ability Sturdy would've helped you? If so, this is your guide!

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    Keep up the fantastic work with your guide, and may your tips help players thrive in the game!


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      Your guide sounds like a real lifesaver for players navigating the ins and outs of the game economy. It's great that you're catering to players at various levels of experience, from newbies to the more seasoned ones. Your practical approach and sense of humor will undoubtedly make it an engaging read. Speaking of making money, have you ever considered exploring game apps that pay real money? It's an interesting way to combine gaming with earning a little extra. There are various game apps that offer this opportunity. Sharing insights and advice not only enhances gameplay but also offers a chance to make the most of our gaming experiences.