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  • Windows11


    I'm having issues when trying to join a Windows 11 22H2 to ClearOS 7 domain. From what I've bee reading on the web, this issue was solved with Samba 4.16.+ but, all the versions available in ClearOS (and CentOS 7) ends on 4.10.

    Does anyone have found a workaround?​

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    While waiting for a compatible version, you could explore alternative solutions or workarounds to meet your domain integration needs. This could include using a different version of Windows or considering alternative domain controllers.


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      You might want to reach out to the ClearOS and CentOS communities for support. They often have active forums where experienced users and developers share their insights and potential workarounds. You might find a solution or at least some guidance there.

      Another option is to explore the possibility of custom development or backporting the required Samba version to ClearOS 7. This might require technical expertise or the assistance of a developer familiar with the ClearOS environment.

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