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Is drain camera inspection very costly?

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  • Is drain camera inspection very costly?

    Hi, all. A few months back, we bought a new house in Hamilton. Last day we just visited our new house and, my mother noticed some leaking issues in bathroom pipes. So, I contacted a plumbing company in Hamilton named PlumbWize and I explained our issue to them. I hope their professional plumbers can quickly fix this kind of problem. Is it necessary to have a drain camera inspection in our house? Is drain camera inspection very costly? Also, suggest other plumbing companies in Hamilton.

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    Yeah, I think that drain camera inspection is quite costly, and you should ask the plumbers Henderson NV to provide the best quote for this service. They will make sure that they give you a reasonable price.


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      It's good that there is some discussion about the cost of drain camera inspection here. I want to install a Linear Drain, but I'll have to inspect my drain first, and I needed to know how expensive it would be for me.