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  • The Hair Transplant Thread

    Although we have some old threads on hair loss, what we really need is a dedicated one for hair transplants. The web is filled with mixed reviews & information, what better place than Team-BHP to get precise advice (as always).

    I'm 45 and have decent hair. But I'm thinking of getting my receding hairline fixed before it's too late. The hairline has stretched back a bit too much for the kind of hairstyle I like, and the hair on top has thinned considerably.

    - Any BHPians who can offer hair transplant advice? Am sure many have been through the process. Dos & don'ts?

    - Here's a post from BHPian Mayankk.

    - Any highly recommended doctors in Mumbai, and elsewhere?

    - What is the life of the transplanted hair? 10 years? 20? Do we have to do a transplant later again for the same area?

    - How is Eugenix? They are heavily marketed. Based in North India with branches elsewhere (including Mumbai). Doctor profiles seem impressive. Any reviews on Eugenix?

    - Any comments on Finasteride, Minoxidil, Redensyl etc?

    - If I'm just fixing the front hairline area, do I need to go full bald before the procedure, or not?

    - Any before / after pictures from BHPians who've done the hair transplant?

    - What did you pay per graft? Or in total?


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    Thanks for the information.


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      Hi! I can't answer all the questions, but at least some. First of all, you may not need another procedure after one transplant. However, it depends on the situation. I had my operation at, and I only did it once. And you also don't need to go bald for the operation. I have alopecia, so I was basically bald in some spots, but as I know, sometimes it is not required. Hope it helps. Don't forget to update if you have a transplant!