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    Hi. I've seen posts here about people making their own home gyms. During the quarantine period, I think it's logical and cool. We still have restrictions, so I'm starting to remodel my office. I've already ordered a TRX, and I'm thinking about the next one. I like all the options here The room is big enough, these things should fit. What do you have in your home gym?

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    My workout space also is my woodshop and reloading bench & armory. My last addition was cable & pulley system.


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      A home gym during the quarantine period was a great idea. However, I really use it still! It's convenient, safe, and a lot more affordable in the long run. As for me, I have a simple home gym setup with a few dumbbells, a bench, an apartment punching bag, and a treadmill. It's not much, but it gets the job done. It's cheaper to buy this stuff once than pay for the gym for a few years.