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Can I put a TM in my Astro Van?

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  • Can I put a TM in my Astro Van?

    I have the air hog /water hog, generator, diesel heater, hose reels in my astro currently. They get me great results.

    It's probably going be early to mid next week before I can get the air hog re-wired since the plugs coming out are 'toasted' and 1 plug (vac motor and pump out) only works on and off. I couldn't finish my job today! First time ever thankfully the customer was understanding.

    [FWIW I think I could solve the problem by having longer wires and plugs wired in that come out of the air hog about 6 feet vs 8" which is directly underneath where the unit leaks causing the plugs to be toast!]

    Feeling confident to finance equipment with the way work has been going but.....I don't believe I can finance a truck and a TM!!!!! Plus I don't have a place to park a full size truck in the winter. I guess you could say I'm a little screwed!

    thoughts or ideas? Im tapping into the universe here.

    Thank you my fellow carpet cleaners!

    * I guess an option is to buy a backup extractor of the same type that can be 'plugged-in' to my setup but
    investing more into ETM's seems a bit counter productive.
    Definitely a cheaper alternative though!​

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    Wow, it sounds like you've got some impressive equipment on board already! I'm sorry to hear about the toasted plugs, but it's great that your customer was understanding.


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      As for financing a truck and TM, that can definitely be a challenge. Maybe you could look into renting or leasing options, or maybe even teaming up with another cleaner to share the costs.

      In the meantime, it's great that you have a backup plan with a plug-in extractor. And if you ever need help with moving your equipment, have you considered reaching out to a professional removal company like They might be able to help take some of the stress off. Good luck and keep us updated!​