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    Im getting married in May.

    My family has a really traditional British background and initially I wanted to wear a morning suit with my two grooms men. Turns out non of the major suit rental places in Cape Town stock them anymore due to lack of demand.

    Managed to find a place but the suit itself felts like I was wearing a rolled up carpet.

    Next option was to have a tailor make one, R5k a pop which I didn’t thing was too bad. Then I actually wondered how much I would wear a morning suit after my wedding if at all considering I only wear suits for weddings and funerals and the odd work function every 5 years.

    So Im heading back to getting a standard two / three piece suit. Happy to spend some decent cash on one for myself (10k) and then about 3 -4k for my two groomsmen.

    So couple questions:
    1. Anyone know decent suit rental places in Cape Town who know what a morning suit is and has rental units?
    2. Based on my budgets, should I have one tailor made or go to a high end retail place (Hugo Boss) and purchase one for myself and have it adjusted?
    3. Two suits for my groomsmen, thinking country road? Any other suggestions?

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    So how did everything go with the suit situation in the end? Finding the right fit can be quite the adventure. Did you manage to snag the perfect ones for you and your groomsmen? And hey, even though the wedding's passed, reliving those magical moments through a Wedding Videographer could still be something to consider. It's amazing how they can bring back all those emotions and memories whenever you want to take a trip down memory lane. Hope the wedding was everything you both hoped for and more! Cheers to a lifetime of wonderful memories together!