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    Im getting married in May.

    My family has a really traditional British background and initially I wanted to wear a morning suit with my two grooms men. Turns out non of the major suit rental places in Cape Town stock them anymore due to lack of demand.

    Managed to find a place but the suit itself felts like I was wearing a rolled up carpet.

    Next option was to have a tailor make one, R5k a pop which I didn’t thing was too bad. Then I actually wondered how much I would wear a morning suit after my wedding if at all considering I only wear suits for weddings and funerals and the odd work function every 5 years.

    So Im heading back to getting a standard two / three piece suit. Happy to spend some decent cash on one for myself (10k) and then about 3 -4k for my two groomsmen.

    So couple questions:
    1. Anyone know decent suit rental places in Cape Town who know what a morning suit is and has rental units?
    2. Based on my budgets, should I have one tailor made or go to a high end retail place (Hugo Boss) and purchase one for myself and have it adjusted?
    3. Two suits for my groomsmen, thinking country road? Any other suggestions?