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Chi Kung And Qigong - Effective Or Con-Artists?

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  • Chi Kung And Qigong - Effective Or Con-Artists?

    Recently, I've Heard Stories, About Masters Of Qigong Who Could Get Beaten Across The Head And Body With Bo Staffs And Not Feel A Thing By Re-Directing Thier Internal Chi Energy To That Specific Point Of Thier Body, Also I Don't Know If This Is True, But The Indian Monk Who Started Shaolin "Bodhidharma" Could Fire Energy Out Of His Hands To Force People Back, And The Legends Of Masters Who Could Channel Negative Energy Through Thier Hands, And Disrupt A Persons Internal Chi And Kill Them .......... Unfortunatley, I Am Rather Sceptic, Maybe They Were Practioners Of Dim-Mak? The Only Thing I've Ever Heard That Are Useful Are The Breathing Exercises And Maybe Meditiation, But Getting Beaten Across The Back With Wood, And Getting People To Jump Off High Boxes Full Force Into Your Stomach Cannot Be Good For You, Let Alone Help You With Iron Shirt......?

    Can Someone Please Enlighten Me On This Subject?


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    I'm just as interested- all I've been told is you can't believe most of it....
    I tried Chi Kung once(it doesn't matter how it's spelt) and am still confused. I only learnt to relax well...which is apparently a good start;{}!!?!
    There were 5 steps to Chi Kung...Focus/ Relax/ Realise-Chi/ Direct/ Rejuvenate
    We talked about Congenital and Post Natal Chi but you will have to prompt me as I'm still unsure about what ...we ... were... trying to ......achieve.

    Though the sifu did say it's just practise (..Right..Ok..still stuck)
    The ability to relax and then tense at the right time in the right place is it's supposed
    direct relationship to Kung Fu...

    ...anyone care to elaborate...!!?! ;}


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      I don't know anything about sending energy and that kind of things but many peoples in China and south east Asia seem to believe it and I respect their beliefs...
      I practice Chi Kung through dynamic tension (silat) exercises and it makes me stronger, healthier, more focused I also gained in power in speed....
      One friend knows similar exercises from stork kung fu and feels the same effects...


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        I think Sifu said that the Qi-gung will help the Tai Chi and the Tai Chi will help the Kung Fu as we have to do Tai Chi in Red Belt anyways...This is when we become Sihings.
        One of the Sihing's has told me the Tai Chi will help you with the Maher(Stance) work(so i suppose the 3 step theory aswell...staying low whilst running at the opponent...).