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Buying a car and having it delivered

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  • Buying a car and having it delivered

    Have you ever purchased a car without seeing it and/or test driving it? We are looking at a new to me car and found one that is almost exactly what I want. Unfortunately, it is in Illinois and I am in Minnesota. It stated there was a fee for delivery to my small town, included in the price. DH and I talked and we could not really drive or fly there for less than the delivery fee. What if they deliver it and I don't like it? What if there is something wrong the pictures did not show? ANy experience with this. Anyone in a northwest suburb of Chicago want to test drive a car for me?

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    YEAH. I can help you to test drive it


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      I totally get your concerns about buying a car sight unseen; it's a significant investment and there's always a bit of risk involved. While I haven't personally purchased a car without seeing it, I do know a few people who've had good experiences doing so. Of course, the key is to make sure you're buying from a reputable source.

      If you're considering a Nissan Silvia, you might find it helpful to check the listings and customer reviews on to see if there's information that might be of use to you.

      Lastly, you've got a community here! If anyone is near that northwest suburb of Chicago, it would be great if they could help out with a test drive.​