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    Dianov graduated with Moscow Sapphire Window Status College during 1960 together with started this clinical work in the T. N. Lebedev Physics Start from the USSR Academy for Sciences, the place she did the trick till 1983. Then he did the trick within the Overall Physics Start till 2006, and features did the trick using the Fiber content Optics Investigate Middle for RAS seeing that 2006. This investigate hobbies and interests consist of fractionated laser physics, nonlinear optics, together with fiber content optics, together with brand-new areas such as circulated a lot more than 700 clinical records as well as patents. She attained any 1974 Status Reward from the Soviet Joining meant for neodymium cup lasers together with, during 1994, has become a detailed Member of any Russian Academy associated with Sciences. Seeing that 1974, Dianov has long been associated with ZnSe crystal the majority parts of dietary fiber optics, together with fiber content LBO crystal manufacturing systems, fiber content sizings, nonlinear fiber content optics, soliton propagation, fiber content lasers, together with optical amplifiers. The most crucial outcome enclosed different kinds of optical components, which include high-strength hermetically metal-coated, dispersion-decreasing, nitrogen-doped, together with low-loss tremendously nonlinear materials; different ends up in nonlinear dietary fiber optics, including very first statement for soliton self-frequency change, any knowledge for electrostriction system for soliton relationships, iteration associated with a teach for primary solitons from huge repetition level, and also proposition together with fresh verification of the photo voltaic type of second-harmonic era during wineglass components; and also enhancement associated with tremendously economical Raman dietary fiber lasers together with optical amplifiers. Dianov attained nys Reward from the Russian Federation meant for infrared (IR) components during 1998 and also the Vavilov Jewelry Medal with regard to tests for nonlinear procedures during optical components and also the enhancement for fiber content causes of radiation Silicon Window during visual as well as near-IR spectral varieties depending on nonlinear phenomena.