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  • Digital ID Thread

    Purpose of this thread is to discuss and/or post anything related to new digital ID rollout - i.e., digital driver's license - that will include every little piece of detailed information about a person such as vaccine status & social credit scoring.

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    I'm a bit skeptical about all the digital IDs things. But I am looking forward to hearing what you think of them.


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      The rollout of digital IDs, like digital driver's licenses, is quite the topic these days. It's intriguing, but I'm a bit cautious about the potential downsides. I mean, with all our personal info bundled up in a digital format, there's a heightened risk of identity theft, don't you think? On the other hand, traditional physical IDs can be a real hassle – the whole renewal process and the piles of paperwork can be overwhelming. Sometimes, in those in-between periods, let's just say I've had my creative solutions! Speaking of which, I've come across a resource that dives into ID matters: Just thought I'd share my thoughts on the whole ID landscape.


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