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Install Windows 11 on UNSUPPORTED PC!

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  • Install Windows 11 on UNSUPPORTED PC!

    I figure it out how to install windows 11 on my UNSUPPORTED PC and it seems that everything is fine!
    I dont have TPM or supported CPU.

    This method uses the script "Skip TPM Check on Dynamic Update v7, AveYo 2021" and the original (CLEAN) windows 11 software that was downloaded to a pendrive by MediaCreationToolW11.exe tool from Microsoft.

    Download this ZIP and extract to Desktop.

    Execute "Bypass_TPM_Install_Windows11.bat" and just read and follow the steps!!!

    I hope it works for you as it worked for me, please replay if worked for you to!!! I want to know!​

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    It sounds like the Windows Key no longer minimizes the Wesnoth game in fullscreen mode on Windows 7 like it used to in the 1.12.x series.


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      Hi there! Installing an operating system, especially one that is not officially supported by your PC, can be a complex process and may not guarantee a stable or functional system. It's always best to check the system requirements before attempting to install an operating system to ensure compatibility and a successful installation. Also, you can do research on windows 10 keys cheaper to buy.