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Career change at over 40

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  • Career change at over 40

    Hi guys

    What is your opinion on this topic?

    I found the below website and their prices is very reasonable, but now, how good will this training be?

    I am looking at the welding and artisan courses.

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    You will never regret investing in your own education. What this country needs and will continue to need is trained artisans.


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      Career changes can be super exciting, no matter your age! As for the welding and artisan courses, it's essential to do some research before diving in. Check out that website, - prices look reasonable, but quality matters too, right?
      See if you can find reviews or testimonials from people who took those courses. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get all the deets you need! You wanna make sure you're investing in a solid training program. Also, you can visit websites like to find more info about various professions. Also, consider reaching out to others in the field, maybe on forums or social media, for some insider advice.


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        IMO, making a career change at 40 is totally doable and admirable. ​


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          Hey! Making a career change at 40 can be super exciting! As for the training, it's great that you found reasonable options. Before diving in, you might want to search some popular programs and read reviews. Also, considering welding and artisan courses sounds awesome – a chance to learn new skills. Remember, it's all about investing in yourself. Best of luck on this new journey! ​