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  • Garden on boat?

    Just curious if anyone out there grows any veggies on their liveaboard? Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible and to that end, I’m going to invest in a good solar power system and water maker. Obviously fish will be on the menu but we’re going to need fruits and veggies so I was thinking of maybe converting the V-berth into a greenhouse or hydroponic grow room.

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    Your boat could become a unique haven of sustainability and greenery on the waters. Here's to your adventurous spirit and the potential of your floating garden!


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      Gardening on a boat? Now that's a fascinating idea! Creating a self-sufficient setup with solar power and a water maker shows your commitment to sustainable living. And aiming to include fruits and veggies in the mix is truly commendable.
      If you're thinking of converting the V-berth into a greenhouse or hydroponic grow room, that's a clever way to maximize your space. On a greener note, have you ever considered adding a touch of nature with a creeping thyme lawn? It's a ground cover that's not only visually appealing but can also add a delightful aroma.​