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MT:Professor Eddie Downey Seminar March 19th

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  • MT:Professor Eddie Downey Seminar March 19th

    Professor Eddie Downey Seminar March 19th By Bob White - 03-13-2011 10:53 AM


    One of the many benefits of having our tournament every year is getting to see valued friends. Traditionally we have friends coming in from all over the United States and tremendous support from Ireland with Eddie Downey and his students. Professor Downey hosted a tournament at his school in Ireland to help raise money for the Royal Family Kids Camp.
    On March 19th we are hosting Professor Downey at our school for a seminar. He will have many of his students here including John and Richard Burgess, both 6th degrees. Eddie Downey is a professional kenpo karate instructor with between 2 and 3 thousand students in Europe where he is the President of the European Kenpo Karate Association. He is one of the finest teachers I have seen. He has a great way of communicating that delivers an excellent message and at the same time makes the class enjoyable. The 4 Laws of Learning are:
    1. Explanation
    2. Demonstration
    3. Immitation
    4. Repetition
    Eddie Downey presents all of these learning opportunities in his teachings.
    The seminar will start at 1:00 and I am encouraging you to attend. Your investment is $25 and it truly will be an investment. Please call the studio to reserve your spot.
    Bob White
    949 6450337

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