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    Nice kenpo chat By Manny - 03-11-2013 01:16 PM


    Today I had a nice facebook chat with my ex kenpo karate sensei, we open our minds and our herats about his kenpo karate and my tkd and he told me an interesting thing. Sensei knows inside of me there is a kenpoka or kenpoist and he knows that I can be a very nice kenpo man but he realices I am in my confort zone inside tkd because it's the martial art I've been doing for nearly 20+ years.

    Faith?? who knows, the thing is today I found him in the facebook chat and he told me things about me I knew but naver talked with anyone and all true.

    Sensei told me Kenpo is waiting for me and the day I take the cahce again I will be recived in his dojo.

    I feel something weird inside of me cause, kenpo is the fisrt martial art I've done with enthusiasm and the one that I trained for more than a year, and I consider the kenpo one of the nices martial arts.

    I told sensei the only thing I dislike about kenpo are the katas, but all the rest is for me a very good thing.

    I think is time to re evaluate things and give Kenpo another chance or try, my black gi is hanging infront my bed since a few months.


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