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    The Rules of this forum are as followed.

    2. Inappropriate content will not be tolerated.
    3. Off Topic Posts will be moved or deleted.
    4. Spammers will be BAN without warning
    5. Stupidity, Idiocy, or hostility to towards any moderator or administrator will
    result in that member being BAN without warning!!!!
    6. Threats made to any member of the forum will result in that member being

    I will do this on my own, and will not even bother to consult Mr. Brewer or Mr. Mousel on this. I refuse to read childish nonsense spread throughout the forum.

    These rules maybe amended and applied retroactively at anytime by, any and all moderators or Mr. Mousel.

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    If you see a post the does not belong Report it.

    Hey Guys,

    I've recently recieved a few complaints about posts in this section. If you see something that isn't appropriate report it and I will take care of it. I do not have the desire nor the time to read every post in every section. I have my own life and training to deal with.

    The recent incident has resulted in the offenders accounts being locked. Be aware even long time posters need to display a basic level of respect for other posters with differing view points.

    Additionally, religious, racial, and sexual bigotry will not be tolerated.



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      Having issued a few warnings in the last few days I thought It might be good to make sure everyone has read this.


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        sometimes website hangs


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