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  • Digital currency coming your way

    Justin's quite interested in every single penny you spend.

    He can't control every aspect of your life until he has his fist around your (digital) wallet.​

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    You gotta love the usual sell job by trudeau and his liberalism crew. That canada doesn't want to be left out if other countries commit to Digital. Fact is, trudeau has been looking at this for some time now. Its about control, and taxes. And thats it.


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      Justin is really eager to get his hands on our digital wallets, huh? How exciting! I mean, who wouldn't want every single penny they spend to be under his watchful eye? It's fantastic that the Bank of Canada is seeking our opinions on their potential digital currency. They really care about what we think!
      By the way, while I was doing my online crypto research, I stumbled upon this cool website at Moon Bitcoins. They offer free Bitcoin mining, which caught my attention. You might wanna check it out if you're interested. Oh, and just to let you know, I'm new to this forum and thrilled to be part of the conversation. You guys have some interesting points.


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