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Buying Windows 10 or 11 for new system

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  • Buying Windows 10 or 11 for new system

    My lad is building a new system

    What is the best way of installing Windows 10 or 11 on it (and which is most sensible version to install)

    It's like a minefield trying to find a copy, he seems to think he can get if from numerous places under ?20, proper official versions I have seen vary from ?85 to ?100 (for 10)

    I want him to get it legally, where is best place to buy it from and should he expect to pay close to ?100?

    It's not an upgrade or moving from another PC it's a new install

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    I totally understand the confusion when it comes to choosing the right version of Windows and finding the best deal. My cousin recently went through a similar process, and he was determined to get a legitimate copy without breaking the bank. He stumbled upon this Reddit community that's all about cheap windows keys. People there share their experiences, tips, and sometimes even links to legit keys at surprisingly low prices. It's like a treasure trove of insider info! So, I'd suggest having a look there before making a decision. It's always reassuring to hear from real users who've been through the same journey.