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Help! Calling all those with a VERY small garden!

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  • Help! Calling all those with a VERY small garden!

    Hi all, we're still in the early stages of planning our build but I'm stressing a LOT over the tiny yard space we'll be left with once our family home is plonked on the block. We'll effectively have a "side yard" rather than a backyard.

    I'd love to hear from other small space gardeners and what they've done to make the most of a small awkward yard. We'll have 5m x 25m down one side of the house (which living areas, alfresco and kitchen look out on to) and a 3m x 14m stretch across the back.

    At the very least all I want is some grass and a neat planting of hedges or such at the fence line. Is it doable or will it be more compact and odd looking rather than green and serene?

    Thanks for your help and please do share some pics if you have similar sized spaces!​

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    Though it's been a few years since your post, I hope your small yard has transformed into a lovely outdoor space. Small gardens can be charming and functional.

    If you opted for a thyme lawn, it likely added a unique touch and required minimal maintenance. Planting hedges along the fence line can create a neat and green border, giving your yard a polished look. Your back stretch might have become a cozy outdoor seating area with potted plants, providing a serene atmosphere. Small spaces can be transformed into green oases with creativity and care.​