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phone backup function does not work

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  • phone backup function does not work

    I just bought F4-423 and have been using it for more than 1 week.

    1. I have more than 7000 photos, using the phone Backup function, the transfer is automatically interrupted in the middle of each time, (the phone is set to never automatically lock the screen state)
    2. App shows that I uploaded more than 2000 photos, but when I login to view them on my PC, I can only see a few dozens of photos(180 photos).
    3. Using the photo upload function, The mobile app only can upload one by one, not by folder. The upload function is too weak.

    Model F4-423, cell phone iphone xr. F4-423 uses the latest system.

    I think the backup and upload function of the software is not perfect, and the software is more shortcomings. Can Terramaster make the software basic
    functions better?​

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    To address the issues you've mentioned, you might want to consider checking a few things:
    1. Ensure your phone and F4-423 have the latest software updates to address any compatibility or performance issues.
    2. Check if there are any restrictions on your iPhone XR that might affect the backup process, such as battery optimization settings or background app refresh.
    3. Reach out to Terra master's support team or community forums for assistance. They might have insights or updates to improve the backup and upload functions.
    For more discussions and potential solutions on tech-related topics, including backup solutions, you can also explore It's a great platform for connecting with tech enthusiasts who might have encountered similar challenges.​