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MK2 Golf: Retrimming Leather Steering Wheel

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  • MK2 Golf: Retrimming Leather Steering Wheel

    I am looking to have a standard MK2 Golf GTI wheel (large spline PAS wheel) retrimmed in Alcantara. I want it to be the same style and thickness as the OE leather wheel.

    Question is if you were to remove the leather covering is a leather wheel the same as a plastic wheel? (rim thickness, cutouts etc)

    The leather wheels seem to carry a large premium over the plastic wheel so if I could use a plastic wheel as a base that would save quite a lot.


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    Retrimming your MK2 Golf GTI wheel in Alcantara sounds like a slick upgrade! From what I've seen, the leather-covered wheels often have the same structure as the plastic ones underneath. Von Baer's blog: delves into leather grades, which might shed light on whether the plastic wheel could work as a base for your retrimming project. Good luck with the revamp - it's gonna look awesome!