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My wife has spent thousands of dollars on her online phone game....

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  • My wife has spent thousands of dollars on her online phone game....

    I'm lying in bed as I try and think of how to put this, while my wife is out in the living room, playing her online phone game that she's addicted to. I don't even know what it's called, and I don't care....I realized several months ago that she was becoming more and more absorbed in her phone, not wanting to go do anything at all, barely leaving the house, neglecting all basic house chores, except for the main ones...feeding the kids and animals, making sure the kids were showered and clean, and getting the kids off to school and off the bus afterwards. She also takes care of all the Bill's, and is very meticulous about that, for which i am grateful, as I SUCK at doing bills... She is a stay at home mom, and I work nights, and when I would get home, I would have to clean the kitchen and sweep, then make breakfast for her, then start a load of laundry so that I could get my work clothes washed, and that would ensure that the laundry got done for the kids as well....the I would try and get some sleep, maybe getting about 5 hours or so before the kids came home and woke me up, so I get up and make dinner for them, then get ready to leave for work. So. From the time I got home to when I left for work, she would be sitting on the couch, in nearly the same position, playing the game. I tried talking to her about it, asking her to stop playing it so much, and she would....for a day or so....and then go right back to 2 months ago, I happened to look at the account after getting paid, and saw some charges that were odd. I went through, and added them up from November 1st to March 1st, and she had spent $1100. I confronted her about it, and she said she was going to stop playing....stupidly, I told her I didn't mind if she played, as long as she didn't play when. The kids were home, or if I was awake, so that she could spend time with us....she said she would do that and I believed her....2 months later, I checked the account after getting paid again (as I said, she takes care of all Bill's, and I only used my card to go grocery shopping, get gas, and to get food while working overnights), and found more charges....I added them up from March 1st to that time, and she had spent another $1600.....I was pissed....I told her that she had to stop, and she handed me the phone and showed me how to disconnect her debit card from the game auto pay system, which I did....I told her she needed to stop playing it and she said she would. 2 weeks later, she is back at it, and has spent another $400 or so, and she told me that she'd been using her credit card as well, and that she'd probably spent a total of about $5000 on this STUPID FUCKING GAME!!! I know that I have to give her an ultimatum, and I'm probably going to go to the bank tomorrow and change her card for a new one...I just don't know how to talk to her about this....she's a stay at home mom and she doesn't have any friends in the area because we moved to where we are from out of state, but she won't go out to try and meet people and have fun. I've tried getting her to come out with me and do some fun things, or asking her to come to dinner out with me, and she doesn't want to....I'm running of options with her....

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    I'm really sorry to hear about the challenges you faced in the past with your wife's addiction to the game. It's a tough situation, and I hope things have improved since then.
    Speaking of games, have you ever considered exploring does Solitaire Cash really pay? It might be a way to address some financial concerns and open up a conversation about responsible gaming.
    Addiction can be a complex issue, and it's important to approach it with empathy and understanding. If this problem still persists, seeking professional help or counseling together could be a valuable step to address the underlying causes of her behavior.​