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Why not Video Games?

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  • Why not Video Games?

    It's not just video games...They do desensitize people to violence, but so do violent movies. It's also simple lack of human contact. One of the reasons people can be assholes to each other on these boards is because it's not face-to-face. Some of you might talk a big game, but saying s*** to a real person, face to face, is a lot different.

    These basement dwelling, anti-social murders have spent their lives looking down at screens and not interacting with real people. They don't have simple empathy, respect or connections to real people. Just look at your kids when they forget they are talking to their friends on the xbox vs talking to dad.

    I grew up on westerns and war movies. I had guns, like most of you did, at a very early age. I never, ever contemplated anything like what these people do and neither did most of you. But, we had real friends, spent most of our time in school or outside playing. We weren't spending 8 hours a day staring at the screen, were we out playing "war" or "cowboys and Indians" with real people.​

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    You bring up a valid point about the persistent debate around video games. It's true that many people have enjoyed gaming as a form of entertainment without adverse effects. It's essential to differentiate between responsible gaming and misuse.
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