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OT the FB thread: Do you tweet? Do you instagram?

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  • OT the FB thread: Do you tweet? Do you instagram?

    Someone tried to contact me recently using Twitter. But I don't twitter and I haven't downloaded Instagram. I know most of my kids and many of my friends use Instagram. I feel pretty out of it! And I keep deleting all invitations to Linkedin. But I do pin on Pinterest.

    What do y'all use?

    My instagram friends claim it's easier and less time consuming than fb.

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    I use Instagram only for my work. I create and promote accounts for brands.


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      I've never really gotten into Twitter or Instagram either. And those LinkedIn invitations? They just keep piling up in my inbox! But hey, Pinterest? Now that's my jam! I find it so fun and relaxing to just scroll through all those beautiful pins. And as for Instagram being less time-consuming, I guess it depends on how you use it. Anyway, if you're into Pinterest, that's awesome! It's like a digital bulletin board of inspiration. And if you ever decide to give Instagram a shot, just remember to click here for tips on growing your following organically. Regarding Twitter, I've dabbled in it, but it never quite clicked for me.