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Affinity 2 Python/C++ plugins

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  • Affinity 2 Python/C++ plugins


    I'm developing plugins for studios pipelines/productions etc.

    Does affinity 2 support c++/python plugin/extensions ?

    We have automated production in photoshop and are open to moving to Affinity with latest release, but unless we can bring our project management/image automation/etc in to affinity its a no go for our studio.


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    Your project with Affinity 2 plugins sounds intriguing! While I'm not entirely certain about the C++/Python compatibility, it's definitely worth diving deeper into their documentation or even reaching out directly to their support team for some solid answers.
    In case you're still on the hunt for info, I'd recommend checking out some tech forums or online communities where fellow developers might have firsthand experience with Affinity plugins and can offer valuable insights.
    If you ever find yourself in need of a Python developer to tackle any aspect of your project, feel free to give me a shout! You can Hire Python Developer for some help.​