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  • Post your cannabis & cannabis compound testimonials here!

    Anyone else experienced benefits from cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids?

    Here are a few of mine:

    Better sleep from 7:1 (CBD:THC) edibles

    Since CBD opposes some of THC's action on the brain's CB1 receptors, a 7:1 product isn't super psychotropic. It is, however, super relaxing. Cannabis edibles are the only thing that's allowed me to wake up feeling refreshed and energized each morning (normally I'm kind of groggy for an hour or so).

    Parasite die-off from eating raw cannabis

    Eating raw cannabis gives one access to 'raw' cannabinoids like CBDa and THCa. I believe Dr. Peat has spoken favourably about CBDa when asked.

    Raw cannabis tastes spicey, in large part due to its terpene content; many of these terpenes are anti-parasitical in nature. This practice is common among some tribal groups.

    Pain relief with topical cannabis

    A strong topical cream is great for pain relief. I use one for muscle recovery or small injuries. THC tends to absorb better thru the skin than CBD does, and it also has stronger painkilling effects thanks to its affinity to TRPV1 receptors (the same ones that sense heat), so I stick with THC-heavy topicals.

    Increased concentration from linalool-heavy cannabis cultivars

    Cannabis strains high in linalool (the lavender terpene) are somewhat rare, but if you can acquire one, you might find it excellent for focus. Purple-hued strains are sometimes a good source. I like 'microdosing' such strains via vape pen if extra creativity and/or concentration is needed.​

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    It's intriguing to hear about your experiences with medical cannabis and how it's helped with various aspects of your life. It's amazing how it can alleviate insomnia and improve productivity and mood. Everyone's journey with medical cannabis is unique, but it's great to see how it's positively impacted you.