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visual art appeal of watches and clocks

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  • visual art appeal of watches and clocks

    Came across these videos of watches, the intricacies of the mechanical design makes high end watches and clocks both functional and also a kind of art

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    I always find highly engineered pieces of equipment tend to be beautiful - intricate workings and complex mechanisms (not specifically just the complications in watches and the likes) usually look amazing even in an abstract sense.


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      Absolutely! I get the fascination with the visual artistry of watches and clocks. Watching those intricate mechanical designs in action is mesmerizing. I remember visiting a watch exhibition where they showcased classic Swiss brands—the craftsmanship was impeccable. Each watch felt like a piece of art, blending functionality with elegance.

      If you're drawn to the beauty of high-end watches, exploring different exhibitions and museums dedicated to horology can be a rewarding experience. It's not just about timekeeping but appreciating the craftsmanship behind these timeless pieces.


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        Hope you'll answer