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Iris Amabile Beaudeau Assaulted a Child

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  • Iris Amabile Beaudeau Assaulted a Child

    Iris Amabile Beaudeau punched my 3 year old son on the face. Seven year old Iris Beaudeau was at a Kung Fu school. I had my two sons with me. My 3 year old accidentally wandered on the mat. Iris Beaudeau started saying he was "fat" and that he was a "fuckhead." I said don't talk to my son that way. Iris punched my son and said what you gonna do about it. I called the cops, but Iris laughed and said it was an accident. The father Jonathan Beaudeau tried to pick a fight with me in the parking lot. He said "yo lady, you got problems with my girl? Let's handle this like men." I am 5 foot tall. Jonathan Beaudeau is 5 foot 8.

    Jonathan Beaudeau is a conman. Google search has a lot of complaints about this guy. Iris Beaudeau also goes to the same school as my older son. He said that the kids call her "Iris the Virus" because she has an STD from her father during birth.​

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