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wha is difference betwen street defense and sport combat techniques

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    Fighting words...

    Originally posted by Uke View Post
    I don't need anyone to stroke my ego. I still contribute more about martial arts here in a week than you have your entire time posting here. That holds true for most of you as well, but not all.

    Don't take that as an insult. .....

    ...I've been consistent with contributions and a loyal forum member, only a select few have opinions that matter here.

    Yes... Your ego is quite large and your opinion means very little.

    You might just check that ego here instead of someplace you can actually get your ass kicked for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time.


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      What are the odds?

      Originally posted by Uke View Post
      I didn't aim anything at anyone. If I did, I would have used names. ...


      No name needed, we know who you were talking about.


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        Actually you don't know a thing. But if you say so. I wonder how many penalty cards I'll get if I respond to the above post with as much hostility? Luckily I have no feelings towards this either way.


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          Originally posted by Mike Brewer
          As for your assertion that there are not enough educated people here to discuss "in depth" aspects of other arts? That may be one of the most insulting and arrogant things you have ever said. We have tuhons, original Bruce Lee students, and a who's who of instructors under people like Ajarn Chai and Dan Inosanto on these boards. There are people with lifetimes of experience here, all willing to learn and share. As with any group, there are also childish idiots, but we all know who they are. I might suggest that if you really wanted to have some constructive and informative conversations, all you have to do is share what you know. Quit assuming you know more than everyone else, or that your knowledge is so impossible for the mouth-breathers like me to understand, and try explaining it. Open yourself a little to observation, explanation, and yes, criticism. Part of why I think many of my posts help people here is because I am willing to post what I think, regardless of the criticism that comes from it.
          First off Mike Brewer, I never said that there aren't any knowledgeable posters here. I have said that they rarely post here due to the childish antics that run amok on this site.

          Second, I didn't even imply that you were among the men that fit the criteria of my post. That says a lot about what you think of yourself. I tried to even give examples of how I appreciated what you specifically have written. So if you're not going to read what I write in its context, why bother to comment?

          I have taken more time to explain in detail things that you didn't know that Boar or anyone else has, and proof of that is found on the "Hard and Soft" topic. Rather than just make fun of you because you B.S.'d your way through a definition, I spent time after time giving you examples and information while everyone else told me to not to waste my time because you had an agenda. Remember that? And others told you point blank that I had given more than a solid base to build your understanding off of, if understanding was what you truly wanted to do. I have consistently tried to help anyone who asks for it on any area I'm knowledgeable, but then the egos and attitudes come out.

          Its not about who knows more than who. Its about who is willing to really discuss martial arts and the nuances and elements that are found in each category. You can look at tons of topics that Boar started that I KNOW you don't know anything about, and Boar wasn't coming off as a snob. It was him tired of a hand full of specific individuals heckling him, but not the technical soundness of his information.

          Third, I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with criticism. ZERO PROBLEM with it. But if you, as a seemingly intelligent man, can't tell the difference between criticism and persistent and petty potshots, then you really should try and learn the difference. I admit that after years of listening to people who contribute ZERO towards MA discussion here people like Boar and myself have eventually had enough and talked trash back. But the real kick in the ass is the moment we respond to the crap is when the mods coincidentally want to take an interest.

          Lastly, I like when there is good discussion here. I like participating in it, and I am well aware that I can learn from anyone with something INTELLIGENT to say. Its not about being better than others, its about being tired of the nonsense. I have given people here a fair shake. Just above, even after the quarrels Tant01 and I have had, I read his reply and gave praise to it and partially agreed with his statement. Yet, it became a petty war of lip service. I didn't originally get along with 7r14ngL3Ch0k3 either, but he and I have since worked out our differences and we get along fine. But the difference between one man and another is in who's willing to act grown up and who wants to remain childish for their own personal reasons.

          If you feel that is a lecture then que sera sera.


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            well, the difference is obvious, if you just open your eyes, pay attention and bribe the right librarians!!


            if you analyze the two work groups you find the givaways. defense and technique.

            one speaks to a concept or idea. one speaks to mechanical or technical execution.

            street defense could be characterized as "threat recognition", whereas combat technique could be characterized as "mechanical movement".

            that is all. sort of anticlimactic isn't it. but that is the truth of the matter.

            you could make the analogy "jeet kune do, or muaythai". one is collection of ideas on the usage of various techniques and the other is a collection of techniques.

            hope you can use this.



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              Originally posted by jubaji View Post
              I think this is a great site, and folks who dislike it so much would probably be happier somewhere else.
              And like a prophet, what jubaji said has come to pass.

              This place is a ghost town.


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                I quite like the peace and quiet....however it sucks for making conversation.