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Does this self defense system really work?

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  • Does this self defense system really work?

    Hi Lads, I found this self defense system that says it is the most lethal self defense system in the world. The intro video looks good, but can you really learn something from DVDs? I looks really great, but you can never be sure enough.

    I don't want to spend my money on some things that are not worth it. Can you experienced guys tell me what you think so I can have some more information for deciding?

    Here's the link: The Most Lethal Self Defense System in the World

    Thank you lads.

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    Hmmm, $521.00 and they claim to have over 1 million members ? Thats alot of coin! Anyway, what are you looking to get out of these videos? If it's only for information / entertainment purposes, you can find good vids for way cheaper. Hopefully you're not buying into it because you actually think your buying "The Most Lethal Self Defense System In The World", because that particular system doesn't exist.


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      I have seen a lot of utter crap over the years in terms of Martial Art/Self Defence training programs............and this "most lethal self defence system in the world" shit is right up there with the shittiest of them.

      I saw absolutely nothing new and nothing of any help to anyone on that site. The program sells fantasies and delusion to your unsuspecting, naiive consumer.

      How can you learn this stuff without a training partner? You will never understand how to apply the techniques without a resisting opponent other wise you are no better off going to a kids Karate class where they kick thin air etc. DVD training alone, no matter how good it is, simply does not replace a proper instructor and real training partners.

      They say it's designed for one kill the enemy. Well best you have a good lawyer handy because when you end up behind bars for putting someone in a grave, do you think Damien Ross going to be there to get you out of jail? If this is the mantra for your self defence training then get your camo pants out, start yourself a survivalist army and move to Montana before the rest of the world eats you alive.

      Don't you just love the pointless emotive language used? Yep, calling me a pansy for closing down the website is really going to convince me to buy the DVDs. I don't know how I can live with myself. This is a selling technique Pepec, they play on your insecurities and inexperience in order to get you to buy into something that is shit anyway in order for them to make maximum profits.

      Similarly, the site talks about becoming feared. Why do you want to be feared? This is childish rubbish. If you are feared, then people will suck up to you but really they don't like you and will call you all manner of names under the sun behind your back. If that is what you want then go for it, personally I would prefer to be respected.

      The short video clip displays nothing of significance and I can safely say that you will not pick up a behind the back throw or escape from a bear hug just from watching the DVD. In fact you are more likely to get yourself in the shit when you try this stuff and it fails. Additionally, the stomping of the assailants head on the ground at the conclusion of the clip will get you arrested......why would you want to kill someone like that? The guys in the clip are not carrying weapons or attempted to kill Damien Ross so where is the justification in mashing someones head into the concrete?

      Pepec, in short DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I could go on but any program that simply sells its product on fear, emotive language directed at peoples insecurities or who's primary angle is so that you can kill someone isn't worth a single penny. Go and take your girl out for dinner instead.

      I suggest you find something that teaches a more holistic approach towards self defence as well as teaches you to become a better person. I recommend Welcome to Senshido but each to their own of course.


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        Don't waste your time and money.....go to a real training center and learn self defense the way your are suppoesed a school


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          WildWest you really got some point. Thank you everyone for your oppinions, this helps a lot. That Senshido looks nice.