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  • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Dashboards

    Just thought I’d share a screenshot of my bitcoin/crypto dashboard in case anyone is interested, happy to share templates, card config etc if anyone wants it.
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    Hi, that's pretty cool of you to share your dashboard setup! Sharing templates and config could be super helpful for others diving into the crypto world. Btw, have you explored Immediate Edge? They might have insights that could complement your setup. Keep spreading the crypto love and knowledge!


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      Your dashboard setup looks really slick, and I appreciate you being open to sharing templates and configurations. It's a great way for us all to learn and improve our crypto game. I haven't checked out Immediate Edge yet, but I'm always on the lookout for new tools and insights to enhance my setup. Thanks for the suggestion! Speaking of exploration, I recently stumbled upon some trusted BTC casino sites that might interest fellow crypto enthusiasts. I found this link

      Particularly helpful for discovering reliable options.