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MT: Expensive sports bras - worth it or no?

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  • MT: Expensive sports bras - worth it or no?

    Expensive sports bras - worth it or no? By naomisarah - 09-05-2011 10:32 PM


    I went to a Victoria's Secret on the weekend and found realllllly nice sports bras for $30 each. They had so much breathability and structure without cups or wires and didn't pinch off my chest to reveal that stubborn armpit roll. But though I carried it around the store for 20 minutes, I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for an article of clothing that I need at least three of.

    But now, sitting here in my 3-for-$15 Walmart chest constrictor, I'm starting to wish I had gotten them. I'm still torn in my head... so help me out, please?

    If you've ever bought an expensive sports bra, have you found them to last through frequent washes like the cheap ones do? Are they as comfortable during exercise?

    If you haven't bought one, would you? I don't find sports bras to be uncomfortable until the end of a day in one, but I wonder if I would buy one and then notice how much discomfort I've been ignoring. I wonder if my neck wouldn't be as sore at the end of a day.

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      In my judgment, a sports bra must be more comfortable if it made with the combination of cotton as well as polyester.


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