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Recommendation on buying an apartment

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  • Recommendation on buying an apartment

    Aoa All,
    I am planning to buy an apartment in the budget of 60 lakhs (Islamabad). I am thinking about life style Residencia (G-13 Isb) a C-type apartment but the project is delayed a lot. The possession is expected next December 2022 (Who knows ) but the area is looking good and might be good for future investment . What can you suggest/recommend in this budget or whatelse should be considered?
    Thank you in advance …

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    I was just browsing through the forum and stumbled upon your post. Did you end up finding an apartment within your budget?


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      Hey there! I hope everything worked out for you!
      I'm also currently on the hunt for an apartment and recently discovered the continuum floor plan. It's honestly amazing and definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. I wonder if we have any luxury apartment units like this in the US? My rule is to have a look at different projects before making a final decision.
      Good luck with your apartment search, and I hope you find the perfect place for you! By the way, I'm new on this forum and excited to be a part of the community.​