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Hair loss after epclusa

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  • Hair loss after epclusa

    Hi all,

    I recently finished 12 weeks of generic epclusa, and I'm waiting for 12 week after therapy to see if I am cleared. At end of treatment I was not detected.

    I experienced some hair loss before treatment because I was in acute phase (very rare that someone is diagnosed in acute phase like my case) I have had hcv for only 8 months before treatment.
    But after end of treatment my hair is falling a lot, thankful that I have a lot of hair and I see new one growing but it has been very extreme. It is now 2 months after EOt and it is still falling out.
    I read on this board that people experienced it but it is not a side effect. Why it is not a side effect? I don't have anything other that could cause this.​

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    The medical staff may notice your scar, but it's unlikely to cause any significant problems.


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      Hair loss is not a common side effect of epclusa treatment, but your hair loss may be related to other factors, such as stress or changes in your diet. However, it's also possible that your hair loss is related to your HCV infection. Discussing your concerns with your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions is important. In the meantime, consider seeing a hair transplant specialist to discuss your options for regaining your hair. The team at can offer you some guidance and support. Best of luck to you!