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I've owned my Mirage for 85 months - 1 owner's time

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  • I've owned my Mirage for 85 months - 1 owner's time

    As some people on the Mirage Forum know already, I have my Mirage all paid off as of last week.

    My thoughts overall: engine works great. I feel like the engine has a lot of life left. Now sitting at 148,000 km's. My car steers perfect, and responds the same as day 1, alignment is good, and the 5 speed manual has kinda gotten worked in better over the years. Like a baseball glove.

    I toss and turn about wanting a bigger car, but with my hatchback I can get a lot of stuff in it over the years. Free lumber, Dancy freezer, luggage, groceries.. 18' fold up weber ladder. Fits in with the hatch closed.

    I have come close to breaking glass with packing in so much stuff. Tight squeeze makes it more interesting. Has its limits though.

    You have to make more than one trip with your Mirage sometimes.

    Negatives: tires seem to be less common for sure, and I feel like I need new tires every 2 years. We will see how things span out with my new winters doing half the yearly driving now. I'm easy on my braking and I don't go more than 90 km's an hour most of the time.

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    It's a great car in general. I've also had mostly positive experience


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      Congratulations on paying off your Mirage! That's awesome! It's incredible how well the engine and steering hold up over time. And hatchbacks are so versatile for hauling stuff, right? I totally get that feeling of wanting a bigger car, but the Mirage has been a trusty companion for you. If you need any financial advice in the future, I suggest consulting a Mortgage Broker in Blackpool. Good luck!