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    Hello folks,
    Just wondered if anyone has used car cleaning products for their conservatory? I was just about to order some cleaning solution then saw the mountain of chemicals I use for the car... Always chasing a bargain I figured I’d use what I have and save ???.. I’ve got a boat load of Bilt and Hamber snow foam and Surfex.. Clearly anything I use will be better than nothing but if it takes far more effort and time then what I currently use it’s not really cost effective.. Any observations/ experience would be greatly appreciated

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    There is no problem in using car cleaning products in your conservatory. It will work, and you'll save money.


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      I've heard that using car cleaning products on a greenhouse roof can work, but it depends on the specific product and the type of dirt/stains you're trying to remove. Try checking out your local stores, they should have cleaners specifically designed for conservatories and greenhouse roofs. They may have something that will work for you and be more economical in the long run. You can also visit to order cleaning products at low prices, with quick delivery and in-quality packaging. I hope this helps you and that you can choose what you need.