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GTC 2020: Interactive 8K Video Editing on RTX Studio Laptops

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  • GTC 2020: Interactive 8K Video Editing on RTX Studio Laptops

    GTC 2020 D2S24
    Presenters: Tech Demo Team,NVIDIA
    Blackmagic Design has integrated GPU acceleration for advanced video editing and visual effects,
    including several exciting AI-based features in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 creative app.

    Video editors can now create high-quality, smooth slow motion without high-speed camera footage
    using Speed Warp. They can color and refine facial features using Face Refinement and easily remove
    objects from video using Object Removal and much more functions. These effects and tools are
    accelerated with NVIDIA CUDA and Tensor Cores empowering editors to produce high quality videos in
    seconds instead of hours and iterate faster than ever before. With RTX laptops video professionals can
    take advantage of these powerful features wherever they need to be.

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    Wow, I like it!


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      Hey! I'm new here, but I would like to chime in. It's exciting to hear about AI-based features like Speed Warp, Face Refinement, and Object Removal, which can help video editors create high-quality videos pretty quickly. However, I enjoy using apps like for video editing, and I have more control over the result. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information!