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Cash only house purchase and local searches.

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  • Cash only house purchase and local searches.

    Hi, we are mortgage free so our next home will be a cash purchase. The surveyor has said that as cash buyers not all searches are mandatory. My gut instinct is to get them all done for peace of mind. Have any other members purchased a home with cash and did you get all searches done?



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    Congratulations on your mortgage-free status and upcoming cash purchase for your new home! It's great that you're considering your options and seeking advice from others who have gone through a similar experience. Getting all the necessary searches done is indeed a good way to ensure peace of mind and make informed decisions. Each situation is unique, so hearing from fellow cash buyers who have completed searches might provide valuable insights. If you're looking for more information or professional guidance, you might want to check out, where you can find expert advice on various aspects of property purchases. Best of luck with your new home journey!