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  • Digital marketing tools that work with TB

    Hi. I currently use SendInBlue for our digital marketing efforts. But they've now discontinued support for PS 1.6, removed the module from their site, and only support PS 1.7. Their current module that I already have, doesn't fully work anymore because of this.
    I'm curious what other comparable tools others may be using that natively integrate with TB?

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    I totally get your frustration with SendInBlue's changes. I was in a similar boat a while back. Personally, I've been using Mailchimp for my digital marketing tasks. It's been pretty reliable and integrates well with PS 1.7. It might be worth giving it a shot.


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      It can be a real hassle when tools you're used to no longer fit the bill. I'm actually new to this forum, so it's cool to be part of this discussion. I know the experts that are developing at a digital marketing company called Blue Collar Marketing, you can find them at, I think they can talk about different tools as well. Although I haven't used PrestaShop myself, I've heard good things about Mailchimp and Klaviyo. They're pretty popular and might be worth checking out for integration with TB. It's always a bit of a journey to find the right tool that matches your needs perfectly, but hang in there!