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  • Off topic and inappropriate threads/ posts

    I recently deleted more than 50 posts and banned several new "members" for polluting the forum.

    I regularly delete the obvious and occasional off topic post but the spammers seem more hard core lately.

    Whats the quickest way to delete more than 50 posts? I'm still doing them individually...

    Thanks for the help.

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    six more today. fun fun....


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      Still getting tons of garbage posts almost daily... Thinking about requesting a lock down? Banning 15 or 20 new "members" every day...

      frustrating to do one at a time? any tips for the newb mod? TY


      • #4
        That might help. I haven't seen one legitimate new member in some time... TYVM EF.


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          Just tried to subscribe to several posts in the forums to get notified of new posts. My thread title is "NO SPAM".

          Sorry to make it so obvious...



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            Originally posted by eXcessiveForce
            need to get Tim to change the verification system. That should help, perhaps block some IP ranges.
            I'm going to start leaving posts I've deleted (softly) in case you want to see the IPNs ? This all seemed to start after I banned Uke. I wonder if we have (a) virtual nemesis? LOL

            Happy to clean up my mess later? Thanks kindly...


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              New mega spamer! every post, every thread... My computer was in the shop for the last few days and I got it back today. This new user has 940 some odd posts to delete. Ugh. A little help here? Thanks kindly!


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                Started deleting the spam, got it down to 400 and some but now the V bulletin message says sorry, no matches ???


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                  All done.... How do I delete more than 20 at a time?


                  • #10
                    Busy weekend... hundreds of spam posts and it's not over. Looks like several hundred more overnight.

                    Fun fun...


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                      Thanks for the help? Looks like someone else was cleaning up today...