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Arizona burning...

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  • Arizona burning...

    There are 640 acres in a square mile... This so called Wallow fire is now the second largest wild fire on record. Total acres burned approaching half a million!

    Flames have now crossed into New Mexico! Check out the time line images.

    Do the math?

    Wallow Fire timeline

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    Damn. That thing is spreading...well like wild fire. If I was anywhere near that I'd be hauling ass. You could go to bed ok and wake up on fire in the middle of the night.


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      It's just amazing that a burn can grow by 60,000-75,000 acres in a day! It's burned up about 600 square miles of pine timberland...

      Check out the satellite images of the smoke blowing across the country! Glad I'm not in the path of the flames or the bad air! My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this blaze...

      Update 1: NASA releases satellite images of Arizona Wallow Fire [PHOTOS]


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        We have had our share of wildfires this year, they devastated the Jeff Davis mountains.

        The wildfire pic I found online, the greener pics are from my last trip there.